Anna Veith
Rebel of the week - FACTS

Rebel of the week –
Anna Veith

Date of Birth: 18.06.1989
Nationality: Austria
Disciplines: Downhill, Super G, Giant Slalom, Super Combined

Overall World Cup 2015
Double World Champion 2015
World Cup: 14 Wins + 43 World Cup Podiums
European Cup: 14 Wins
Overall World Cup: 2 Titles
Giant Slalom World Cup: 2 Titles
Olympic: 1 Gold Medal + 1 Silver Medal
World Ski Championships: 3 Gold Medals + 1 Silver Medal + 1 Bronze Medal
Junior World Ski Championships: 4 Gold Medals + 2 Silver Medals + 1 Bronze Medal

Want to know more?

What does it mean for you to be a worldcup rebel?
It really means a lot to me. I feel honored and proud to belong to the strongest team in the worldcup. Absolutely happy to be a part of it.

When was your first time on skis?
I started skiing when I was 2 and a half years old

Was ski racer the profession of your dreams as a child?
Yes, for sure - it definitely was a dream come true. Never wanted to do something else.

How would you describe your perfect day of skiing?
Going skiing with friends just for fun. No matter where - on or off the slope, just enjoy and ski the fresh snow.

Is music important for you? If yes, which music?
In order to get ready for the race, I always listen to music. It pushes me an gets me into the rhythm I need. The music is always kind of Pop and Rock, Kings of Leon for example.

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