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Let the competitive side of you out this winter and take part in the iSKI Rebels Cup. Win exclusive merchandise! Across resorts this winter, skiers and snowboarders can earn pins from competing in different challenges that go towards winning prizes.

The competition is open to everyone. Pins can be earned not only at ski resorts but  also at indoor ski halls, on glaciers and at retailers. You can even earn pins by going  to world cup races and being in the vicinity of the HEAD World Cup Rebel servicemen!

With points all going towards winning prizes, those taking part in the iSKI Rebels Cup can collect pins towards vouchers that can be used in our webshop Participants can check in to see how they are doing after each trip and compare their  achievements with friends. On the website you can also log into the tracking app that will show your skiing day. Pins can be earned for successfully completing challenges.

The iSKI Rebels Cup promises to be the most exciting and fun interaction you will have  this winter - with prizes to reward you for your activity and for each descend!

The HEAD World Cup Rebels push themselves to the limit - what’s your limit?

HEAD Rebels Club


How does the iSKI Rebels Cup work?

Every registered iSKI user can take part and collect pins. During the term great prizes will be raffled among all pin collectors. The more pins you collect, the greater the chance to win. How can I collect pins? Activate the tracker and go to the slope! Your data will be collected via GPS. At the end of a ski day you send these data just by one click one “End and send”.

Your data will be automatically evaluated. No internet connection on the mountain? No problem. The tracking also works offline. As soon as you have a connection again you can send your track to the evaluation. Activate GPS? To be able to collect pins, the iSKI domain apps needs to know your current location. Therefore the GPS has to be activated. There are two settings within iOS 7 that must be enabled in order for GPS tracking to successfully connect and occur: Location Services and Background App Refresh.

Why do I have to confirm the email? After your registration you will receive an email which you have to confirm. The confirmation ensures you to be a real user. As soon as you confirm the email you will be able to take part. Attention, the confirmation mail may come to the junk-folder.

How can I invite friends? Quite easily! Press the invite button and insert the email address of your friend. As soon as your iSKI Buddy confirms the invitation you will be able to see him and also compare yourself. In case that you are invited, you will be able to see the request in the section “accept”. Attention, the confirmation mail may come to the junk-folder.

iSKI Community/iCommunity? If you are already a member of the iCommunity, you can use your account login for the iSKI Trophy.


iSKI Trophy Conditions of Participation

In order to participate in the iSKI Trophy you have to register as well as send your ski days (tracks) via the iSKI app. You will receive Pins (trophies) according to your sent data. The Prices will be raffled among those participants who reached the secret goals. No cash disbursement and/or prize substitution is possible. Prizes are not applicable. The participants agree to possible changes of the iSKI Trophy as well as to the conditions of participation. There is no right of appeal.

Generally speaking, the challenge winner is notified by email. In the event that the winner has not replied within 20 days to the email notifying him that he is the winner, the next-best user shall be declared the winner and claims of the first winner shall be invalid.

Please note: Apple Inc. is neither sponsor of pins, prizes or challenges nor responsible for its offers and implementation. intermaps AG and its cooperating partners are responsible for sponsoring of prizes and the implementation of challenges. The Tracking feature (GPS) may decrease battery power. Please watch out. Prices of iSKI Trophy Japan will only be shipped to a Japanese address.

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