Rebel of the week - Manuel Osborne-Paradis
Manuel Osborne-Paradis FACTS

Rebel of the Week –
Manuel Osborne-Paradis

Date of Birth: 08.02.1984

Nationality: Canada

Disciplines: Downhill, Super G

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What's your favorite meal on race days?

My race day meals change every week. If I had to pick I would say a big juicy steak.

How do you prepare for a race? Do you have a special ritual before the start of a race?

When I'm preparing for my race I like to show up early to everything that day. It keeps me calm and my mind in the race.

When was your first time on skis?

I think I was two the first time I skied but really I don't have a clue.

Was ski racer the profession of your dreams as a child?

I didn't watch ski racing when I was a kid so I didn't know any of the skiers. Like everyone I did know Hermann Maier so I would say I looked up to Hermann. When I was a kid, maybe 10 or so, Hermann was in Whistler for the World Cup. I tried to go up the chair with him but he scooted ahead and got on by himself. Cool story right? Anyways I beat him a couple times later on.

What is your perfect ski day?

My perfect day of skiing would start around 10:00 when I finally get out of bed and look outside to see that's it's snowing. I would leisurely go to the mountain after lunch and get to the chair just as avalanche control is done and the clouds part. Then I would be first on the chair on this blue bird day. I would do one perfect untracked run, another run just because, then I'd go Après and wait for all my keener friends to finish skiing so we can go for a hot tub and tell lies.

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