Johan Clarey
Johan Clarey facts

Rebel of the Week – Johan Clarey

Date of Birth: 08.01.1981

Nationality: France

Disciplines: Downhill, Super G

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What does it mean for you to be a worldcup rebel?
Of course this is an honor and a privilege to be part of the most famous brand on the white circus. Good to share the same spirit with the best ski racing athletes.

What´s your favorite meal on race days?
My favorite meal is eggs and ham in the morning with coffee. But I’m not very hungry on a morning race.

How do you prepare for a race? Do you have a special ritual before the start of a race?
I prepare by stretching in the morning for 10 mins to make my body ready for the day. Otherwise, I need to be alone 30 min before the race. I don’t like talking very much just before I start.

When was your first time on skis?
I was only 2 years old. My father is a ski instructor and brought me to the mountain to ski as soon as possible.

Was ski racer the profession of your dreams as a child?
No doubt about it!

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