Rebel of the Week - Bernadette Schild
Bernadette Schild - FACTS

Rebel of the Week - Bernadette Schild

Date of Birth: 02.01.1990

Nationality: Austria

Disciplines: Slalom, Giant Slalom

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What´s your favorite meal on race days?
I do not really eat much on race days but after a good race I traditionally have pizza.

When was your first time on skis?
Cannot remember but I was two years old when I broke my leg with skiing.

Was ski racer the profession of your dreams as a child?
Growing up with a sister as a successful ski racer it was always in my mind but it became a dream in my teenage years.

How would you describe your perfect day of skiing?
Perfect powder, sunshine, nice people and after skiing a cup of hot chocolate and good food.

Is music important for you? If yes, which music?
I do like music but I do not like listening to it all the time. If I listen to music it can be pretty much everything from Rock to Alternative even classical music (sometimes). One of my favourites right now is Xavier Rudd.

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