André Myhrer
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Rebel of the Week - André Myhrer

Date of Birth: 11.01.1983

Nationality: Sweden

Disciplines: Slalom, Giant Slalom

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How do you prepare for a race? Do you have a special ritual before the start of a race?
Depending on the venue it can be a little bit different. But basically I try to wake up more then 4 hours before start. I warm-up before I eat to really wake up, and then I go to the slopes to warmups on my skis. I often do a long inspection and then I go into the team hospitality for some rest before I head up to the start. I don’t really have a thing that I need to do before I go, but I try to have the same schedule to create some kind of a routine.

What´s your favorite ski resort in the world?
I´ve been skiing all around the world but the best place for me to ski is in my home slope - Hassela Ski Resort.

What`s your Number 1 worldcup track?
A new favorite is Hammarby Backen in Stockholm. Its cool to have a venue in Sweden for the men as well.

Was ski racer the profession of your dreams as a child?
I did a lot of sports when I was young - hockey, football, and skiing. But I´d say I decided to go for skiing when I was around 14-15.

Is music important for you? If yes, which music?
Music is very important. I play a lot of guitar and that’s a way for me to unwind and escape from all the skiing for a while. I listen to almost everything, but if I had to choose I´d go for something rock, soul or bluesy.

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